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Игры, Как Atlantic City Fortunes

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Домой Игры Atlantic City Fortunes
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Браузер Слоты 2D
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Relax as you play with a fun slots game.

Choose your number of lines and bets.

Win with instant bonus games.

Atlantic City Fortunes is a simple but fun slots game that's free to play on your browser. Starting with 1000 credits you have a lot to play with, and you can control the number of lines from 1 to 25. You can also choose the bet, up to a maximum of 5 coins per bet.

You wins are automatically calculated and the lines you won on flash up on the screen, though they go pretty fast through the cycle, they keep flashing till you spin so you can see what you won on. There are also free spins available to win, with 3 shamrocks or more in a line you will win 3 free spins.

There is also a bonus game built in, when you score it you get to pick 3 of the icons from the wheels, and each has its own bonus amount, from 50 to 300 credits. This bonus game pops up if you manage to get 5 crowns in a row.

The machine itself is easy to use, but there is only 1 available. The icons are well drawn but don't animate or move when you win. The win lines pop up very fast as does the amount you win, on the free spins it can be hard to keep track of what you win.

The window is well presented, and the machine is really nice and easy to use. Your credit balance is not kept when you leave the game, so you can just come back and start again with 1000 credits, and you cant buy or upgrade them. Which, is not a bad thing its good to have a totally free game you can just come back to and play.

Atlantic City Fortunes is an enjoyable little game that gives you a lot of control over the machine, although it is only 1 machine, this is also something that stands this game in a good stead. You don't need to wait to unlock new things, you can just come in and have fun playing a slot machine.
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понедельник, сентября 23, 2013

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Atlantic City Fortunes big win Atlantic City Fortunes gameplay Gameplay from Atlantic City Fortunes Relax as you play with a fun slots game.

Choose your number of lines and bets.

Win with instant bonus games.
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