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Facebook Slots
Beoordeel: 8,4 Beoordeel 7 Stemmen
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Enjoy this delightful slots game that’ll have you glued to your screen for countless hours.

Try your luck with various different kinds of slots machines, each with its own distinct design.

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking visuals that are loaded with flashy animations and spectacular artwork.

Slotomania is a delightful slots game that you should consider trying out if you want the trademark classical slots game experience without any bells and whistles added on top. Modern day slots games are capable of keeping players hooked for countless hours thanks to the insane amount of features that they have to offer but there are still audiences out there that want a simple and straightforward experience so, if you’re among these particular audiences of players, Slotomania is a game that you’ll love.

Slotomania is an expertly crafted game overall but one thing that you might not like about it is the fact that it feels like a bit of a grind early on because, when you get into the game for the first time, you’ll only have access to a single slot machine. Fortunately, though, new machines don’t take a lot of effort to unlock so this is a fairly minor issue that shouldn’t hinder your experience all that much.

In terms of gameplay, Slotomania comes as close as possible to the classical slots games that kick-started this genre in the first place and this is why it’s going to provide you with a delightful experience if you choose to get into it. The method of playing is the same as it’s always been since all you have to do is choose a machine to play, bet an amount of currency and then simply hit the spin button to watch the magic happen. The rewards from all the machines in this particular game seem to be quite generous and, on top of this, there are various daily bonuses that you can collect to make sure that you’re never short on currency.

One of the best things about Slotomania is the fact that its machines have a built-in daily jackpot that players are automatically added into whenever they play them. The daily jackpot is great because, if you’re lucky enough to be the winner, you’ll have access to an insane amount of in-game currency and probably won’t ever run out of it. It’s worth mentioning, though, that the daily jackpot doesn’t apply to all machines so look carefully before you spin a machine if you want to enter the jackpot.

In terms of visuals, Slotomania doesn’t push the boundaries of the genre but it’s a delight to look at regardless. The animations are phenomenal, the colors are bright and vibrant, the slot machines look beautiful and, overall, everything looks top notch.

Slotomania is free to play but it does give players the option to purchase in-game currency with real world money through micro-transactions.

All said and done, Slotomania is a solid slots game that’ll have you engaged for quite some time if you’re looking for a traditional slots experience without anything added on top. Slotomania Samenvatting

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woensdag, december 19, 2012

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Beautiful Slot Machine on Slotomania! Save an Alien - Slotomana Mega Win! Gain Yard - Gain Coins! Slotomania is the number one slot game on Facebook!

Already played by millions on Facebook, iPhone, iPad and Android, come in and join the amazing social slots experience.

Share with friends, send and receive gifts, unlock new levels, new features, new rooms, and more! Slotomania never gets old with a new game release every two weeks!
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