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गेम्स लाइक Monopoly Slots

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होम गेम्स Monopoly Slots
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Androidएप स्टोर स्लाटCasino 3-डी बिल्डिंगModern Setting
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Try out your luck in exciting slots in Monopoly Slots.

Build the whole city with huge buildings and stylish architecture.

Complete quests and collect rent with your shimmering hotels.

Monopoly Slots is a brilliant remake of the infamous Monopoly board game. You get to relive the childhood memories with an amazing game play featuring the coolest slots. The players have to complete exciting quests and build their very own Monopoly town as they try their luck on a huge variety of amazing slots.

The game rewards the players with lots of free coins to get them started as they try out their luck on the slot games. You also don’t have to worry about betting with real money at any point during the game. Play all you want without having to think about breaking the bank in this addicting game.

Monopoly Slots game brings some really amazing slots for you to try your luck on. These include both three reels as well as five reels slot games with unique wild and scatter symbols that portray the classic Monopoly theme. Moreover, you also get to enjoy bonus games like pick and choose roulette, free bonus spins and much more.

The controls of the game are quite simple. All you have to do is choose your betting amount and tap the spin button. If the reels land at a winning combination, you will win a huge amount of valuable coins along with score multipliers. Moreover, you can also use the auto spin feature to get rid of the hassle of tapping the spin button every time you play the slots.

Monopoly Slots brings some really cool game mechanics. You get to raise buildings, hotels, skyscrapers and revenue generating companies by playing slot games. The game includes different objectives for which you will be rewarded Monopoly bucks. These objectives include spinning certain times, winning coins for limited spins and many more like these. You can also win Monopoly bucks while playing the slots as bonuses. Each building requires some Monopoly bucks to be constructed and this is how you will have to earn your revenue.

As far as the coins are concerned, you get to earn them by collecting rent from your properties. Each building you construct will generate timely revenues which can be increased if you make a complete hotel on that property. Hotel costs coins that you can always earn by playing the slots as much as you can.

Monopoly Slots features some really cool graphics with perfect animations. The buildings in the game are all quite modern themed and you get to enjoy the classic Monopoly symbols in the slot game as well. Moreover, sound effects and background tunes make the game all the more enjoyable for the players.

If you are running short on coins or Monopoly bucks and you don’t feel like earning them through objectives, you can always hit the game store and buy as much resources as you need with real money. Amazing discounted rates are available at all times at the game store.

Become the champion of Monopoly as you try out your luck on exciting slot games. Spin the reels and win Monopoly bucks to construct properties. Raise hotels and collect rent on time. Relive the childhood memories with a fun twist in Monopoly Slots today. Monopoly Slots सारांश

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Senin, April 30, 2018

नया गेम जोडा गया है: Monopoly Slots

Monopoly Slots: Building Winning Coins in Monopoly Slots Monopoly Slots: Spinning Slots Try out your luck in exciting slots in Monopoly Slots.

Build the whole city with huge buildings and stylish architecture.

Complete quests and collect rent with your shimmering hotels.
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