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होम गेम्स MirrorBall Slots
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Mirrorball Slots is a fantastic free Facebook slots game, choose your amazingly animated machine and win big with free spins and bonus games.

Choose from 12 amazing unique machines.

Enter into tournaments for great prizes.

Use a charm for get free spins and win big.

Welcome to one of the most popular and best Facebook Slots Games, Mirrorball Slots has 12 machines to choose from, with more being added all the time. Each machine is fully animated and has its own unique special rules and prizes.

You can choose to rescue Rapunzel or slay a dragon or even play with the 3 Muskateers. In each game you can choose the bet amount and number of lines you wish to play on, the bigger your bet the bigger your prize.

When you win free spins on any of the machines the board will change and you will have a chance to win more free spins included in the game. This can result in huge wins and prizes for you and result in over 20 free spins on some of the games. As well as free spins there are bonus games or wilds thrown into each machine.

There are also special challenges that run every so often, these challenges reward you with Mirrorballs, which you can trade in for charms. Charms can be used to guarantee you a set of free spins on any machine. There are 6 charms, each charm will trigger free spins, but the amount of coins you win is based on the first bet.

Each of the charms has a higher bet amount, starting at 2 coins per line and ending with 1000. You do not place the coins the charm does it for you, and if you use a high value charm you will win massive amounts of coins on the free spins.

Charms can be purchased with Mirrorballs, or for cash. Cash can be purchased for real money through the game and when you do you will also receive a certain amount of free coins. Cash can also be spent on a Keno game.

There are also tournaments that you can enter. Some tournaments are free while others have an entry fee. Each one is timed and has a limited number of spins. If you finish in the top 2 places you will win a fixed amount of coins. Tournaments are a fun way to have a chance at winning free coins and use the same machines so you can play on your favorite one.

The machines themselves are really amazing to play on with fun themes and every one is animated in a fantastic way. The variety of styles is staggering and every machine has a unique twist on how you can win, from special wilds to locking wheels. Mirrorball Slots is visually stunning and great fun to play.

With free coins and a free charm the first time you play any machine you can see how the games work and make a lot of coins. The tournaments are a fun twist and the free to enter ones have great prizes for the short amount of time you spend playing them.

Overall Mirrorball Slots has a bit of everything, but truly amazing machines to play on. The ability to swap machines without needing to unlock them is great, you have 12 to choose form, or you can stick to your favorite. However you choose to play Mirrorball Slots has a machine for you. MirrorBall Slots सारांश