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Des Jeux Comme Slots Journey

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Page d'accueil Jeux Slots Journey
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Unlock amazing slots as you travel the world.

Use beautifully themed slot machines.

Win huge prizes and play bonus games,

Take your first steps on this epic journey across the world, and play themed slot machines as you go. Starting in Egypt you will be able to travel to distant places and win big as you play.

Each time you spin you will gain experience, this experience will unlock more areas of the map and different slot machines as you go. Every spin gets you some xp which means you can unlock every machine. However you will need to completely finish a country before you can move on.

The machines themselves are well designed and flow really smoothly, with the winning lines visible and smooth animations. You start with 5 lines in Egypt, and as you gain levels you unlock more and more lines, eventually leading to 25.

With bonus games and free spins up for grabs on the slots you can really make some coins, and as you travel on your journey through each country you unlock more and more higher value tiles on the machines.

To help you on the slot machines you have special boosters available in the game, these boosters allow you to spin 1 wheel, all but 1 wheel and move 1 wheel up or down to get the best result you can. There is also the option to multiply your win by up to 5 times. You start with a limited number of each boost for free, and then you can purchase them for real money once you run out.

Each country on the map is divided into regions, and each region has a certain number of levels that you need to make. Each time that you level you unlock new icons on the wheels, and increase your chances to win, and often unlock more lines as you go too. Once you complete each region you then can open up the new country.

There are currently 10 countries available, each with unique machines and win cards. There are also more countries in development with almost endless possibilities Slots Journey will always have something new for you to see.

The bonus games on the slots can really bring in a huge amount of coins, if you bet low on the games, and win a bonus round you will be able to keep playing for a long time. Every time you complete a level you also receive a lot of coins, with the ability to also buy them for real money you should never run low on coins until the high levels with many lines.

Unlocking the areas can feel a little slow, but the machines are really nice, and when you do level you unlock new icons, so the machines also stay fresh and new. With more lines becoming available frequently and bigger wins available Slot Journey can get really exciting.

With its nice graphics bonus games and constantly changing machines Slots Journey has something new to offer at every turn. The addition of the boosts really can make a huge difference to your win totals, and the availability of coins can keep you playing without worrying you will run out. Overall this is a wonderful game to play and has a lot of potential to win big. Slots Journey Résumé