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Thursday, February 22, 2018

The House Edge: Which Game Pays The Best?

Although most margins are in the casino's favor, you can still find games that actually have odds in your favor instead. Here's how! The House Edge: Which Game Pays The Best? If you’re a real advantage player, you’re always going to be keeping your eye out for all the offers of free spins no deposit bonuses, the special deals that come around seasonally and, of course, which games have the best odds. To that end, it’s always important to keep an eye on the house edge and making sure that you’re always playing the best games to give you an advantage.

Utilising things like no deposit bonuses or sign-up bonuses to give you a little bit of extra money to play with for free is one method, but the most reliable is to keep an eye on the house edge and plan accordingly by picking your games carefully. The choice of game is a little tricky, you want one that’ll have a low house edge because it gives you the best chance of winning and getting the jackpot, but the lower the edge, the lower the payout. Otherwise, the casino wouldn’t be able to stay in business after a few big wins at the lower edge games.

Whichever your style, we’ve given a breakdown of games by house edge here- so let’s see what you think!